Renew Products manufacturers many different kinds of natural products and Lanolin is the natural element which revitalizes the appearance of dry, dull skin, and also protects skin moisture level.  Lanolin is an excellent product for skin care, which can slow skin ageing and will give you a supple, smooth skin.

Renew products, their Beauty skin care range are manufactured in New Zealand using skilled workers and quality control.  All the Renew range have the Certificate of health from the New Zealand Government after extensive testing.  Renew Beauty products are 100% New Zealand made and packaged.

Lanolin comes from the sheep's wool.  The wool is obtained under hygienic conditions and after processing, produce Lanolin which is a very pure and popular high quality product.  Our company has a range of high quality skin care products, which are manufactured by our professional workers and have quality elements such as: Collagen, Aloe Vera, Plant Extract, Placenta Extract, Seaweed  Mineral Mud, Vitamin Extract, Manuka Honey, and Deionised Water.... 100% New Zealand made.

Renew Products was founded in 1997, specializing in the Asian market.  
Renew Products Research and Development team, ensure that our products are the best quality for your skin, and health.